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Resident Evil 5 and 6 for Nintendo Switch Releases October 29th

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On October 29th, the players of Nintendo Switch will be able to continue increasing their collection of Resident Evil with the arrival of the last two, and more controversial, titles of the franchise.

Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 will be available in digital format for the Nintendo console on the aforementioned date. There will also be an edition in physical format with Resident Evil 4 in the cartridge and the two new games in digital format.

In spite of the criticisms the title received in its day, these two games of the saga, both are recognized for offering a quite pleasant cooperative experience, an element that will remain intact in this new release.

After these two new releases, the franchise is almost complete on Nintendo Switch, which is the umpteenth proof of the support that external studios are giving to Nintendo Switch, which on the other hand was the best-selling console of last year.

Check the description of the game below.

Resident Evil 5:
“The Umbrella Corporation and its crop of lethal viruses have been destroyed and contained. But a new, more dangerous threat has emerged. Years after surviving the events in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield has been fighting the scourge of bio-organic weapons all over the world. Now a member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), Chris is sent to Africa to investigate a biological agent that is transforming the populace into aggressive and disturbing creatures. Joined by another local BSAA agent, Sheva Alomar, the two must work together to solve the truth behind the disturbing turn of events.”

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Resident Evil 6:
“Blending action and survival horror, Resident Evil 6 promises to be the dramatic horror experience of 2013. Resident Evil favorites Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Jake Muller, to face a new horror, the highly virulent C-virus, as the narrative moves between North America, the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang.”