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Planning to Remodel Your Bathroom? Here Are Suggestions

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Bathroom renovation can feel like a manageable job at first, but the true sense of intimidation sets in when you get into this process. You may suddenly realize how overwhelming it can be, especially if you don’t have any prior experience of the same.  Still, to be able to give it some personal touches can be the primary motivation. You can look forward to adding new fixtures and amenities to the overall bathroom design with a renewed enthusiasm. But maintaining a balance between creative needs and functional designs is necessary. You can learn about it by researching how to approach this project from end to end with planning to remodel your bathroom.

Here are a few tips to help you set the tone for your desires and expectations from the beginning for a successful experience.


You may rush to get in touch with a contractor to get some ideas about what to do, how to do it, etc. But it will be better to first discuss it with family members who will also use it. An open discussion with them will help you figure out the types of features and finishes for this space. You can do some budgeting too. While you work on this, make sure to add an extra amount for contingency issues. It will help you meet unexpected costs during the process.  About 20% of the budget can go into contingency funds and surprise additions. However, don’t forget to determine the spending limit to keep a check on expenses.

Renovation can take about 30 to 90 days to complete based on the scale and size of the project. In between, you can feel tempted to try something different. Experts say deviating from the original plan can be risky unless there is a valid problem or constraint. It would slow down the work, increase hidden costs, etc. 


It is not difficult to imagine a choice of a bathtub, toilet, and washbowl for modern bathroom. But you may want to think beyond these essentials. Do you need a shower and bidet? Or, you want to have two sinks in your master bathroom. When you focus on these, you should visualize your bathroom beyond its four walls. Think about the overall theme of the house. Do you think your new bathroom design is perfect for the existing layout? Although everything doesn’t need to be in perfect alignment, you would want to be wary of creating unnecessary distractions. It is more relevant for master baths. Giving it a stark contrasting look can be risky. It will not feel like a part of your bedroom.

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That’s why your focus has to be on creating a smooth transition between your room and bathroom. Another thing that can be useful is not thinking about remodeling in terms of design. Instead, your attention can be on its usage. What will make your bathroom more suitable for your lifestyle and habits? Exploring such inquiries can lead you to some brilliant ideas.


Customization can make your bathroom pretty different from standard layouts. It allows you to accommodate various fixtures based on your needs. You can have your style of vanities, cabinets, and much more. For example, if you wish to incorporate two sinks, you need a proper vanity for such an arrangement. You can get the vanity done on the type of surface you desire; If you want wood material, select water-proof options to avoid risks of damages. Since this process tends to be expensive, having an adequate budget is a must. Some people build wider drawers and cabinets in the bathrooms for their toiletries, linens, and other supplies. You can also plan something like this, depending on the spaciousness of your bathroom.

At this level, you have to consider a few more things, though. To begin with, you have to identify your expectations from a bathroom. For example, you have to establish whether you are looking at a full or half bath. Or, it is a powder room design you are considering. To be precise, every type of bathroom, including a master bathroom, half-bathroom, and powder room, will have different demands. You can first decide on this before moving ahead. After this, you can consider the available space. It will give you an idea of what to include or leave out to keep your bathroom functional and aesthetic.

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Another critical consideration in this area can be plumbing. If you want to save money on renovation, you can avoid changing the plumbing connections unless there is any major issue. For instance, distressed wires and plumbing will need replacement. In that case, you can get the location changed if required. Some believe that keeping plumbing fixtures in their old spaces can ruin the whole effort. But you don’t have to worry about this. 

Some design tricks can make your room look bigger than earlier. Imagine replacing shower curtains with clear glass shower doors. Or, opt for floating furniture to free up the floor area. Adding a large mirror over the countertop can be a smart design idea too. Mirrors give an illusion of spaciousness through the reflection of light.


Revamping a bathroom can be an arduous task as there are so many details to consider. Often, people get too occupied with everything else that they forget to pay enough attention to ventilation. You cannot afford to make this mistake. Proper air circulation is vital for your and your bathroom’s health. Otherwise, problems like mold and mildew will pester you frequently. The new bathroom can also lose its charm prematurely.

No matter which part of the home you plan to upgrade, make sure you pursue it with planning and preparedness. Since it involves time, money, and effort, any wrong step or decision can ruin everything. That’s why it is also necessary to choose the right contractor for this work. You can ask your family and friends for references and search online also. Their experience, knowledge, and certification can be the fundamental indicators of their overall expertise.  You should select someone only if you feel fully satisfied after meeting them.