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Importance of video marketing for growing businesses

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Brands around the world have shifted their focus to video content marketing. They have taken to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to upload their videos and attract more people to their brand. The form of video can vary and may be present as a webinar, online course, live video, or self-hosted video. In this article, you will get to know about the importance of video marketing for growing businesses.

If you can execute it well, then videos can be a very powerful tool for brands in order to spread a message which is easy to access for the general audience. Video content marketing can work well with both B2C and B2B businesses. One great thing about video marketing is that it is getting easier to use and implement for almost every brand out there.

If you run a business and want to create an online presence, then video marketing is one of the best things you can invest in. So, let’s talk about the importance of video marketing and how it can completely transform your business.

Why Is Video Marketing So Important?

Here are some facts that will clearly tell you why video content is so important – 

  1. Provides proper product description:

Video content is useful because it can help you explain and describe your products very easily. 94% of all the marketers have said that video content has helped them to explain their products to the people with ease, and the audience has a better understanding of what they are doing now. 

Customers will buy your products only when they can understand how it can help them, right? So it goes without saying that video content can actually help you. People can understand and perceive a video much better than a normal text.

  1. Gives you better ROI:

Videos offer a much better Return on Investment to the marketers, and that is a fact. More than 75% of all marketers have agreed that with the help of video marketing, they truly received a better return on investment. 

Video marketing allows a brand to properly show the customers what their product is all about and how it can help them. 

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As a result, the people are more convinced to shop from the brand. The cost of producing the video can be recovered from the rising sales and revenue.

  1. People love videos:

People love watching videos, and that is the bottom line. Just like technology has helped us in leading a comfortable life, video marketing has allowed brands to reach out to people easily. A survey has shown that people watch more than 1 billion hours of YouTube content on a regular basis. 

So, that tells you a lot about how popular video content is in the current world. People watch videos because they are easier to follow, and you can understand them. There are several reasons why video is the most popular form of content now.

  1. Has excellent SEO value:

Videos are also great for SEO. When you upload videos on YouTube, it can be a great way to target an audience of a specific genre. How are you going to do that? 

By using the right keywords. Just like you use keywords for paper content, videos can be coupled with the right pair of content, and you can expect a great way to attract more people to your page. 

You’ll see that Google includes related YouTube videos at the top of their page whenever you use the search engine. So there’s a high chance that your website or channel might pop up there.

  1. Great for building trust:

Videos help you build trust and loyalty among the people. When people are continually watching your videos on a regular basis, they can connect with your brand at a personal level. They feel more confident and comfortable shopping from your website. 

Videos give an insight into the brands working sphere and how they can help the people out. As a result, a good bond develops between the people over the course of time. So, companies can generate a customer-friendly service.

  1. Very much engaging:

Videos can generate more engagement and views on social media. Yes! It is much higher than what normal posts receive, and it continues to be that way even now. 

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On Instagram, it has been found that video ads have received 3x more engagements when compared to the sponsored pictures. Organic video posts perform much better than photos and are 38% more effective. The same is the case for Facebook.

Video adverts on Facebook have received 20-30% better conversion rates than pictures. The click-through rates are also much higher for video content. Even though pictures are highly engaging, you can always rely on video content more.

  1. Mobiles users love videos: 

Mobile users just love watching video content. That is why video marketing can help you to drive more mobile users towards your brand. You’ll be surprised to know that more than 75% of video views come from mobile devices. 

Video content seen on mobiles is shared more often, and that is why the engagement rate is so high for them. For any business that wants to create a positive online presence, it is important to tempt mobile users.

  1. Key to video marketing:

Last but not least, video marketing is the only way in which you can successfully survive in the digital industry. Yes! If you are not focusing on video content, then sooner or later, you are going to receive a major setback. If you want to reach out to the people, they will expect you to do so by creating videos. 

It can be of any form and length you think is good. But it needs to be a video. Video content can make or break a brand. If you are only relying on your regular posts, then it becomes very difficult for you.

Final Words – 

Video marketing is the lifeline for any brand that is planning to make it big in the digital marketing industry. People are more interested in watching videos than any other form of marketing content. You can see it with facts and statistics discussed in this article. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to a video marketing expert or agency and start thinking about efficient video marketing strategies now.