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Top ten despicable villains of Super Mario Bros game universe

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We would have spent several hundred hours trying to rescue Princess Peach from castles playing either as Mario or Luigi or other spin-off games. No debate to who the most likable hero is in the Super Mario Bros game. How about the villain characters in the game? Here are the top ten despicable villains of all times in the Mario Kingdom.


2007 Nintendo Wii Super Mario Bros game: Dimentio

Dimentio was a part of the Super Mario Bros game – the Super Paper Mario released in 2007 Nintendo Wii. The ultimate aim of Dimentio is to steal Chaos Heart. But, he was smart enough to lure Mario, Bowser, Luigi, and Peach into fighting and defeating Count Bleck. Over and above, he usurped everyone in the climax. Dimension D gives him a special bonus in this rating. Unlike many characters, Dimentio does have a good cause in mind. He wanted to create a better world, but after destroying every in the existing world.

Super Mario Bros game franchise: Bowser

Bowser was the initial antagonist who kidnapped Princess Peach and started the whole Mario Saga, and he does deserve a place in this list. When someone says Mario Bros villain, this fire-breathing turtle will be the stereotype that anyone will imagine. Creators also made him reappeared in Mario Party Spinoff series to destroy Mario’s game. He has an innate hatred for many characters in the Super Mario Bros game universe. Still, he might not be one of the smartest villains, but he did manage to become the Dreamy Browser. Top mentions include Crown Sticker Bowser, Real Bowser Giant Mech, Paper Bowser, Dark Bowser, and Black Paint Bowser. Unless you punch him in his face, he is unbeatable.

Alpha Dream Super Mario Bros game: Fawful

Fawful started his careers as a sidekick to Cackletta. He was smart enough to crack the tricks of Mario and Luigi, and even managed to destroy the Koopa Cruiser to gets back Cackletta’s soul. If it weren’t for Mario and Luigi, Fawful had the smartness and evilness to betray Cackletta. The applaud goes for turning the castle of Princess Peach into a cool fighting robot. He is one of the very few Super Mario Brothers Characters who are hilarious and evil. He managed to render Bowser powerless. Although, over time, everyone started to possess Bowser, so it was not something worth lifting your eyebrows. We saw his evolution from a nerdy sidekick to an evil crown villain. Dreams do come true.

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Nintendo Super Mario Bros game franchise – Bowser Jr.

He might prefer Junior, and he is the youngest son of Bowser. Unfortunately, the designers gave him a cute design, making it a better plush toy than a villain. But, appearances are deceptive. He is smart, calculative, and could have got his way if it weren’t for the plumber brothers. Give time, and he would outsmart his dad in the future series and make Bowser proud.

2007 Nintendo Wii Super Mario Bros game – Count Bleck

Lord Blumiere (Count Bleck) is the surprising anti-hero who appeared in Super Paper Mario of Nintendo, and the only one of all super Mario brothers characters who has a valid and tragic reason for all his evilness. If his father did not deprive him of Tippi’s love, maybe Count Bleck would be one of the good characters. He does have too much emotional baggage for a videogame villain character. He also wanted to create a new world like Dimentio, but in his new world, everyone will die.

Luigi’s Mansion – King Boo

King Boo is an amazing antagonist, and he makes up to this list because of reviving Bowser, but has no interest over the Mushroom Kingdom. He just wanted to be the king of all the ghosts. Along the way, the king went too far to take revenge and tried to destroy reality. He does get kudos for planning to capture everyone in paintings. It is a very sadistic and interesting way of punishment. Most importantly, he hates Luigi and not Mario.

Female villain character -Cackletta

Cackletta does check all the boxes for a villain. She can create fire or lightning portals, mysterious, superiority-complex, and intimidating. She was the most calculative of all the evil Super Mario Bros characters, and she did manage to make Bowser, scarier. After all, we can expect it from the master of Fawful. Mario Franchise does need some wholesome female characters. She is more of a scary ghost in children’s ghost comics. Unfortunately, Cackletta did not get to unleash her potential fully. God knows what would Cackletta-unleashed would look like or do. The fusion of Bowser and Cackletta, the Bowletta did not make it to the list for obvious reasons.

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Mario and Luigi: Dream Team – Antasma

Antasma is the bat king who can terrorize you with his voice. Is it the smoke effect or the purple shade that makes him look despicable? Well, anyone would turn despicable if caged in a dimension for a century. He is the perfect example of what nightmares could do to a person. Unlike Bowser, he is not one of the dumb Super Mario Bros characters, but a calculative one as he did manage to escape the cage dimension. He devised a plan to break bridges so that Mario could fall into the lava. Why didn’t Bowser think about it?

Super Mario Bros spinoff – Waluigi

Let us give importance to the villains of Luigi too. The inverted ‘L’ on Waluigi shows that he stands against Luigi. He is famous for creating havoc along with Wario. The story describes Waluigi as lonely and depressed because of rejection. He did show compassion to fellow characters but soon fell into the dark side (yes, Star Wars pun intended). Do you know that there is an online cult supporting Waluigi? Waluigi is a self-centred brat, which explains most of the real-life bullies around us. Is Waluigi, a secret evil twin of Luigi?

New Super Mario Bros franchise – Ludwig Von Koopa

There are numerous self-proclaimed rulers in the franchise, and Ludwig Von Koopa is a notable one. He is the ruler of Koopalings and goes by his labelling, arrogant personality, and his power comes from six Koopalings. The powers allow him to create clones, shoot lightning, cause an earthquake, and teleport. Do you know that he gets his name from Ludwig Van Beethoven because of his hair-style? Of all the Koopalings, he is cruel but smart. His front tooth just makes it more adorable than evil.

Many recurring bosses and side villains do deserve to be in this list, but if longer. Super Mario Franchise did create some of the most cruel-some and interestingly smarter villains to defeat a couple of plumbers and their friends. Do you have anyone else in mind to add to this list?