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Director Explains Why Uncharted Movie Won’t Be A Direct Adaptation of the Games

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It has been a long time since there is an Uncharted movie on the way, which will not be based directly on any of the games. The above has caused many doubts among fans, so several will be interested to know that we already know why this decision was made.

In a talk with GamesRadar, Dan Trachtenberg, director of the Uncharted movie, explained that he never felt interested in making a direct adaptation of the story of any of the games. In fact, he mentioned that they had come up with other versions of the story that had not interested him.

“[I] have been approached with different versions of this tale, and have always been not that interested in it because I didn’t really want to trace the game,” said Trachtenberg.

More ahead, the director explained the reason by which he thinks that it does not make sense to adopt a story of the games: “I didn’t really feel like it was at all worthy of making a video game adaptation if we’re just gonna copy what the game is, and just serve people a lesser experience than what they’ve experienced in such an incredible way.”

Finally, Trachtenberg made it clear that why he thinks its story would interest the creators of Uncharted: “if Naughty Dog so chose to make another Uncharted game featuring Nate and Sully… this movie’s story is probably the story that they would want to tell.”

At the moment, there are few details about the plot of the Uncharted movie. All we know is that it will be starring Tom Holland and that it will tell the story of a young Nathan Drake.

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The Uncharted movie will release on December 20, 2020.